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Kinda Akash (kin•dah ah•kahsh) is a Syrian-Lebanese creative director based in NYC. She designs and directs concept-driven experiences for fellow humans. Her design approach is driven by a quest for representation and fueled by interdisciplinary collaboration: focusing on the different ways in which humans interact with, find themselves in, and learn from experiences – be it physical, augmented, virtual, linear or interactive.



Kinda graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Art History and Biology, which then led her to Los Angeles to pursue Graphic Design at CalArts. Prior to joining The Mill, she worked at Prologue Films, Gretel, Stardust, Brand New School, and HUSH among others. Since joining The Mill, Kinda has directed projects in a wide variety of media (AR, VR, physical, and linear) for clients such as AT&T, Facebook, and Instagram.

Her personal work is marked by an interest in data as art medium, diaspora, and social activism. Along with co-director William Arnold, Kinda was invited to create an art work for the 2017 Day For Night Festival – a data-driven art installation entitled UPROAR on the human response to Hurricane Harvey. Earlier in 2017, Kinda was commissioned by Facebook to create a 15s piece of content to demonstrate vertical 9x16 content; the result is a short meditation on diaspora and personal migration.

Kinda has been invited to participate in panels for AICP, Facebook's F8shesays, The Voice of a Woman Festival. In 2013, she was invited by AIGA/NY to contribute a video art piece for Times Square Arts and TSAC’s Midnight Moment program. Her work has also been featured in publications and press including ‘boards Magazine, Studio DailySTEP Magazine, The Art NewspaperHuffington PostGarage Magazine, i-D and RYOT forthcoming. For the second year in a row, she will be joining renown industry leaders to judge The 2018 Motion Awards, presented by Motionographer; and has participated in judging The News and Documentary Emmy’s since 2014.

Kinda is a vocal supporter of diversity and inclusion initiatives in the industry at large.

Clients & Commissions
Day For Night
Times Square Arts ALLIANCE x AIGA
Stephanie Wang-Breal
James Marsh
Sir David Hare
California Coastal Commission

Projected Wind Patterns Over Imaginary Lands , Kinda Akash 

Projected Wind Patterns Over Imaginary Lands, Kinda Akash 

Poster design for a panel on the intersection of creativity and social impact,  Kinda Akash

Poster design for a panel on the intersection of creativity and social impact, Kinda Akash